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The road of life

" Some people dream of success, others wake up and work hard at it!"


      The wife and I
              My wife Ivonne and I

Welcome to my ePortfolio,

Hi, my name is Kevin Brown and I, like many have pursued education to further my vision. The vision of being successful in the aeronautical industry. When I think of the successes of the aeronautical field, I think of great and determined minds such as the Wright Brothers and Kelly Johnson. I envision the creation and first flight of airplanes and rockets as I contemplate the endless advances waiting to be found or created. With the completion of my Bachelors of Science in Aeronautics, I am headed in the right direction to join the ranks of those who work in a revolutionary and history making business.

When I am not pursuing my education or serving my country, I am spending time with Ivonne, my wife of 10 years. I am a big fan of the outdoors and really enjoy hiking, exploring, and site seeing. I also spend time learning to golf and I am about half way through to getting my Private Pilots License. Have you ever watched the movie Gattaca?

Please feel free to browse my portfolio and contact me at with any questions or comments.